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Marquise Earrings

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Step into the glow of wedded bliss with our captivating Marquise Crystal Bridal Earrings. Designed for the contemporary bride who cherishes sophistication, these statement earrings sparkle with ethereal light, offering a dance of shimmer with every turn of the head. Their dainty elegance belies a brilliant radiance, achieved by meticulously placing the highest quality AAA+ grade Cubic Zirconium.

Coupled with our enchanting Bridal Necklace and Bracelet, curate a harmonious look that speaks volumes of grace.

These earrings celebrate love's purest moments, making them suitable for brides who revel in the details, mothers of the bride seeking understated elegance, and bridesmaids adorned in unison.

Key Highlights:

  • Size: Elegantly slender at approx. 1.75" x 0.6"
  • Composition: Hypoallergenic, nickel-free settings for delicate skin
  • Finishes: Rhodium plating silver over copper 
  • Stones: Clear AAA+ grade Cubic Zirconium, cut to perfection for exceptional brilliance

Elevate your bridal ensemble with earrings that promise to act as a tribute to your most precious day.

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