Meet The Designer

I am from Turkiye, where the beautiful land is between Europe and Asia. I came to the USA in 2002 to visit my sister without any plan, even a desire to stay here. But then, everything started to change in my life that was out of my control. So, I just had to accept the way of my destiny. And I began to walk the way to see how the form appeared to me. I've learned English as my 2nd language all by myself in the direction of my new life. And I transferred all my habits, funs, desires, needs, expectations.
I started to make jewelry in Turkey, besides my full-time job as an accessory purchasing manager in some large textile companies. Making jewelry and accessories has always been the main activity/focus point in my life.
I've collected many experiences and met many people, especially at art shows in my local area of Tampa Bay. In addition, I've been known as a Turkish crochet jewelry lady in Tampa/ St. Petersburg / Clearwater Pier.
I worked with precious metals to make sterling silver copper jewelry designs until my son was born.
One of my visitors at St.Pete suggested I open a shop on Etsy, and I did. But I never worked on it until 2014. When I had my lovely son, I decided to do something from home and remembered my Etsy shop:) and start to get an idea, play around to understand the system of the internet marketing world.
Now, I am happy to publish all my design in my website to reach many more customers globally.
I like to follow the trends, but I can't give up vintage, Art Deco style touches on my designs; that's why I try to choose suppliers who will provide me with their customizable assembled pieces.
My designs are a mix of the feeling, oriental bohemian, and the combination of west and east side texture & color.
My customers have to feel comfortable in my shop to offer me anything in their mind, so I need to receive any message, question, concern without hesitation from my visitors.

I put my heart and good morals into making jewelry & describing them with all my honesty, so my customer's satisfaction is my priority.
Thank you to all the brides who've shared their wedding photo's to support my handmade business with their gorgeous smiles :)

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