Women turn Gold wires into Jewelry in Trabzon/ Turkiye

Women turn Gold wires into Jewelry in Trabzon/ Turkiye

Women making wickerworks in many neighborhoods across Trabzon come together in Ortahisar district, especially in Kurtuluş District. Women make fine bracelets and necklaces made of gold by gold jewelery. Stating that the mat is a cultural heritage, the straw became a tradition that hundreds of women knit in their homes after 1950. Ali Trabzon, the head of the Chamber of Jewelry and Watchmakers, Trabzon, told the AA reporter. said. Stating that they have implemented many projects related to wicker, Yazıcı said, "The wicker bracelet has a great contribution in the development of Trabzon. We offer it for sale between 15 and 35 thousand liras. The mat is an indispensable element."

Emine Nalcı, 50, who has been making wickerwork, stated that she knitted 22 carat gold wire for 35 years with a pair of tweezers. Stating that wickerwork is now the tradition of the neighborhood, Nalcı said, "We first start learning this business with black silver, you continue with white silver, we weave wicker with gold wire as we fix your hand. We do things by chatting with each other. We made each other a profession. " said Sema Boliç, who has been weaving a mat for 15 years, said that he covered the expenses of his children and his home with the income from knitting.

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