Why Rose Gold Jewelry is Trending!!

Why Rose Gold Jewelry is Trending!!

Rose gold is the most popular jewelry trend of the season. It used to be just a choice between silver and gold, but now rose gold is everywhere. Also known as pink gold or red gold. Over the decades the popularity of rose gold has come and gone, dictated mostly by fashion and starlets. Today rose gold has once again taken it’s rightful place in the style sections of your favorite magazines, on the hands of trend setters and you my future brides.

trending jewelry Rose Gold

Rose gold is a subtle, romantic color of gold that translates into romantic, elegant fashion jewelry and accessories. We love to design in rose gold, and offer vintage/ bohemian inspired jewelry, accessories for your next event..


Sparkly cubic zirconia bracelet

  • it’s modern, romantic, and unexpected
  • it has a friendly, quirky glow
  • it’s bubbly, cheerful, and accessible
  • it represents femininity
  • it brings warmth
  • it’s fashionable
  • it conveys luxury and comfort
  • it shows compassion and composure
  • it’s calming and soothing
  • it brings out the subtle blush tones of one’s skin
  • it shows you follow trends and care about how things look
  • it says something about what you value
  • it throws a wonderful glow onto the skin

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Diamond and Pearl Earrings


Credit for the source : Australian Diamond Brokers

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