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Wedding Jewelry; You Deserve The Best

The best of what life has to offer should be yours. Our wedding jewelry is made with time, love, and care to please every bride.

After browsing bridal stores, you need some wedding jewelry ideas.

Because you probably feel bridal jewelry means classic wedding jewelry. It is not so wrong, but we call our style a modern twist on traditional bridal jewelry. So time to share the inspiration for making our jewelry for a wedding dress that will reflect JazzyAndGlitzy products. Our motto is a bride should love to wear our wedding jewelry long after her wedding day to get some connection ( just like her engagement ring )with her wedding and ideas of buying her wedding jewelry no matter how long passed by then. We'll share our advice to work on your very personal accessory. Let's fill up some questions you may have in this overwhelming but certainly so exciting time to make everything easier for you. Keep telling yourself my wedding, MY WEDDING; my wedding deserves the best. Yes, now we are ready to sparkle at your wedding.

What Jewelry To Wear for Your Wedding Dress

Women spend more than $4 billion on jewelry every year in the US. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of pieces to choose from when buying jewelry for your wedding dress. Women invest in jewelry for a variety of reasons. Some people buy jewelry as an investment or diversify their portfolios, and some believe it is for sentimental reasons. Whatever the reason is for investing in jewelry, we have a wide variety of perfect pieces for everyone’s budget and style preferences.

Choosing the perfect amount of jewelry for your wedding dress can be complex, with many beautiful designs. It is vital to have an elegant component that reflects your personality and your partner's. In addition, you want to make sure that you're choosing a piece that goes with your outfit and doesn't compete with it. There are many different choices where you can see fabulous jewelry for weddings these days, but we offer you a piece of customizable jewelry that will be made just for you. And also, we are selecting beautiful jewelry for your wedding dress guide and will provide you with some wedding look about the different pieces you should wear with your dress. Wedding colors are many things people think about before deciding what to wear on their wedding day. From dresses to jewelry and shoes - everything has a color attached to it! And for your whole look to feel cohesive with one another, you must match all these different components together accordingly. Western cultures' most commonly worn colors are red, gold, yellow, blue, green, and purple. Sometimes, people wear colors to symbolize various meanings, such as joy and celebration. So that is also fun to search for what is trendy in the world.


Inspiration of Wedding Colors

Your Style in Bridal jewelry

A bridal accessory is an integral part of a wedding; it helps complete the bride's look by matching her personality and style. What defines your personal style?

Some glamorous ladies prefer wearing bracelets and necklaces to match their statement pieces. And some brides like to mix some designs that will collaborate with their earrings that are minimalistic and understated, such as necklaces and bracelets. Others prefer to accessorize with headpieces and statement bracelets that can make any outfit pop. Or just a simple piece or something more classic that complements the gown's neckline and highlights its beauty. One way to discover your style is to take inventory of the necklace you wear daily. And some brides prefer only a necklace, a bracelet, and a pair of earrings that should give the sparkles of diamonds. Gold metals are usually perfect for a vintage-style bride, and this finish will be worn with love as a treasure for many years. Bronze metals are also so attractive to add a more dramatic look. Inspiration is everywhere; even your engagement ring will guide a bride to the best earrings, necklace, and a bracelet to go for it.

It's safe to say that your choice is always in style, but when it comes down to picking out sparkles for your big day, you want them to be unique because it’s something you will cherish forever!

Our range of designs is tailor-made for you in our shop. From our range of statement earrings, necklaces for V necks, bracelet inspiration, and hairpieces to a back necklace in your style. We add more categories to the latest trends that will blend like diamonds as classic wedding jewelry and refine our focus on statement style with a modern twist. So you can find beautiful styles in mind with white gold/ silver, yellow gold, or rose gold. We primarily specialize in earrings and matching pieces that will fit your personal style.

Haute Couture Bride Accessories

Should You Choose Something Classic?

Today, with the increase in popularity of personalization, many people prefer to choose unique items. That is what JazzyAndGlitzy offers you; with many years of experience, naturally, brides want their wows to stand out. But this doesn’t mean they should forego classic pieces altogether.

If you have not been married before and are unsure what you would like, our stylist can help guide you through options. This will help you make the best decision for your style and personality when it comes time to pick out your engagement or wedding jewelry!

Accessories are a vital part of any wedding, and they can make the difference between a bland celebration and an extraordinary event. There are some essential things to consider to ensure that you'll get the stunning one for your special day.

Classic wedding jewelry is one of the best options to consider. If you want something that will last for years and always bring you back to your special day, you should go for it. We offer some delicate designs in Sterling silver and 14k gold fill earrings, a necklace, bracelet, or you can share your inspiration if you have anything in mind. So, we can add some more glam to your wedding day. And you'll be ready for the next reception long after.


Big Statement Earrings


Fancy Hair Clips

Something Designed for You!

What is your budget? What type of look do you want for your wedding: classic, vintage-inspired, or contemporary? How many guests will be in attendance at the wedding ceremony? These are all critical questions to ask yourself as a bride before starting your search.

Earrings are essential even if you like to use a dainty, minimal stud. Earrings will speak out about your style. For example, chandelier earrings indicate confidence when white gold diamonds talk about your elegance. Each piece you choose will determine your wedding look, and those moments will remain in your pictures. We offer Cubic Zirconiums as lab diamonds for costume wedding jewelry and genuine designer crystals for the haute couture designs made in our studio.

After a World of opinions and getting enough information, you are confident of finding something you will always love and add to your cart to match your white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold necklace, bracelet, or earrings. So you'll keep wearing them for much more receptions you will attend long after.

Earrings Inspiration

And remember, please, we are happy to ship all these options worldwide. We offer the best in one place, at a great price point that you can search; we will also link new additions in time. So you can browse our hand-picked collections and shop for the big day in Bridal Jewelry at the tip of your fingers. Quality matters: We care about quality above all else. From high-quality materials to meticulous design, we ensure that every order for JazzyAndGlitzy is perfect for you. Yes, you finally found us.

Decorative Hair Clips

 Vintage Romantic Weddings

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 Pearls on Wedding Day



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