by Sukran Kirtis January 11, 2022

You want to keep your dress design and your wedding style in mind. Bridal runways are filled with bold baubles, and it’s a perfect way to infuse personal style into your bridal look! These Statement earrings draw attention to your face and elongate your neck without being over the top, and they work with any neckline or hairstyle
The geometric design will capture the Great Gatsby look, and the crystal accents add a sublime beauty for a fraction of the price you'd expect to pay!
Also, the self-confidence and special feelings that you will get from knowing that these earrings were specially designed and hand-made for you are the feeling you need as a bride on your most special day.
The detail we paid attention to in the design of these earrings combines the bubble drop Hollywood style with the modern cluster look. The light was reflected in different directions; it was not taken from the bride's light.
All you need is to complete these rare earrings with an elegant bracelet and hairpin— we have some links as a few recommendations for this.
bridal statement earrings

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