How To Find Your Bridal Jewelry And Accessories

How To Find Your Bridal Jewelry And Accessories

What Jewelry To Wear with Your Wedding Dress

Since a single piece of jewelry has such an impact on your wedding day (hello, ring!), it can feel extra essential to choose the right designs that will complement and celebrate the occasion. Depending on your personality and how much jewelry you wear in your everyday life, it can also feel a bit overwhelming to make decisions about what to wear for your big day

Now that you’ve decided which types of jewelry you’d like to look into wearing at your wedding, take a moment to consider which styles might suit you best. Maybe you know you love necklaces and would like to wear one down the aisle—but do you prefer something subtle and classic like a small pearl necklace, or does your preference lean more towards a bold statement piece? It’s your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to move forward with whichever choice seems the most “you,” whether that’s a simple or eye-catching look. This is your day!

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How Much?

The first thing you need to consider is simply this: how much jewelry do you want to wear? There are many excellent options available to you: earrings, necklaces, bracelets or watches, and even multiple rings should you so desire. In addition to those, there are also more unique options like anklets, toe rings, and even nose rings, which may or may not suit your style and your venue. So, the first question you need to answer is just how many pieces you would like to wear. After that, decide which types suit you best. If you know that you’ve always found anything on your wrist irritating and uncomfortable, then now is not the time to choose a bracelet or watch. If you wear bracelets every day and consider them your very favorite accessories, then that may be the perfect choice for your wedding. Consider just how much jewelry you would feel comfortable with and start narrowing down your options from there.

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Your Final Wedding Look

As you start to narrow down what you’re looking for, make sure you’re considering the overall aesthetic of your day. Do the pieces you’re choosing go well with your gown, for example? Perhaps the necklace you were thinking would clash with the high neckline of your dress; can you find a piece that will complement it instead? As you’re coming to these decisions, remember that everything you’re choosing will go together to finish your final wedding look, so consider your gown, shoes, makeup, and other aesthetic pieces as you make your picks!

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Is it Time to Get Sweet and Sentimental?

Another consideration is if you want to wear something a little more sentimental as a featured piece for your wedding day. This is absolutely a great way to incorporate “something old” or “something borrowed” into your wedding look, but even more so, it can be a unique way to highlight something or someone important to you. Also, if you’re a person who doesn’t usually wear jewelry, your wedding is a good time to branch out a bit and choose something that will always make you remember that day. I’m a pretty minimalist person when it comes to everyday jewelry, but one of the things I wore on my wedding day was a gorgeous necklace that was given to me by my brother. It was a beautiful piece in itself, but it also was a significant way to show my love and appreciation for my family on that important day. Jewelry can be a sentimental and special thing for many families, with heirlooms passed on for generations, so consider asking if your family might have something appropriate for you to celebrate 

What about Practicality?

The last question to consider when making this choice may seem like the most boring one—although I’d argue it might just be the most important: is it practical? By practical, I don’t mean simple or plain, but will it be a comfortable choice for you on your big day? There’s nothing more annoying than wearing a necklace and finding yourself fiddling with it all day because it feels too tight or irritates your skin—or (even worse) because the clasp won’t stay in the right spot and you have to keep switching it around every 20 minutes. So, make sure whatever you choose will both look and feel comfortable for you all day. You don’t want to wear something that looks great when you’re standing still but gets tangled and messed up throughout the event. You want photos of you and your partner celebrating, not trying to get your bracelet free when it gets caught in the lace of your dress! Once you’ve made your final jewelry decisions, take a moment to ensure they’re going to be practical and comfortable for you. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go

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