How to Decide on The Best Jewelry for your Wedding Dress Style

How to Decide on The Best Jewelry for your Wedding Dress Style

There’s isn’t really any rule when it comes to choosing jewelry you’ll be wearing on your big day. Any jewelry piece can be the best one with the right execution.

But there are helpful tips that I can help you make sure none of your wedding jewelry-related decisions goes astray.

*Metals should match your dress.

The thing with wedding dresses is you’ve got to be careful in choosing your jewelry metals. Mostly, the perfect choice boils down to the color of your gown.

White dress: White metals like silver, platinum, and white gold are the best for snowy gowns.
Champagne or ivory dresses: Since these colors fall on the antique side, gold jewelry is a great option.
Blush-colored dress: Gold is an okay choice, but rose gold would harmonize with the gown's roseate hue.
The jewelry should match your dress’s neckline.

Depending on your gown’s décolletage, your choice of neck jewelry can either highlight your beautiful features or ruin your whole look. Take these tips into consideration:

Sweetheart or strapless: A shorter necklace (e.g., a choker) can catch the eyes of people without upstaging your beautiful face.
V-necks: You can opt for a choker or pendant and complement it with either small or dangling earrings.
Dresses with a halter or reverse halter: Brides who settle for halter dresses focus all their jewelry efforts on their ears, wrists, and hair. Adding beautiful pins, vines, and combs to your hair, some earrings, and a beautiful bracelet will definitely make the grade.
Please don’t overdo it and be yourself.

One major mistake many brides make is loading themselves up with accessories. Jewelry is supposed to highlight your beauty—not make you look like a decoration for the holidays.

Stick with pieces you’re comfortable with—jewelry that will tell the crowd about you. If you’re not a dangling earrings type of lady, go with simple studded ones.

This rule also applies when choosing an engagement ring. Halo engagement rings are perfect for bold and outgoing ladies in character, whereas solitaire cuts suit adventurous girls who fall on the outdoorsy side.

In the end, it’s all about putting on jewelry that will make you feel confident on your big day.

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