by Heide JG July 26, 2020

Most of the ladies are obsessed with wearing earrings. Adding a feminine, romantic, or classic touch to your look, you can't just consider the color of stones. 

All face shapes are beautiful, but the right earrings will add extra sparkles to your beauty.

Faces usually fit into these shapes – square, round, heart-shaped, long or oval, and earrings styles come in either hoops, studs, chandelier, or drop designs.

Just remember, though, these suggestions certainly don't mean you can't mix it up a bit and wear any earrings that you want because wearing something you love makes you happy and confident and that always looks great.

When you wear earrings with horizontal lines - like chandelier style earrings - your face will appear more as the eye is drawn from side to side. This accentuates the width of your face, and on the other hand, wearing drop earrings with a vertical design can elongate your face as it draws the eye upwards.

Square Face

Characteristics - Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline will be similar width.

Hoops are your friend, they will look fantastic on you, and drops will make your face appear a little longer and look fantastic. Earrings with rounded shapes, like teardrops or linear chandeliers, will help give a softer appearance to your face.


Celebrities with a square faces


Round Face

Characteristics – Your face will be a circular shape with the broadest part being around your ears, and your cheeks will be round.

Choose earrings with vertical lines, drops, because you want to add an appearance of length to your face. Long dangling earrings will look stunning on you. 

Long Dangling earrings


Characteristics – Your forehead is more extensive than your cheeks, and it gets narrower towards your chin.

Good options to balance out your triangle shape are earrings that are wider at the bottom and teardrop shapes. Chandelier shapes are fantastic on you. If you want to know more about the JazzyAndGlitzy in the image, just click to see the full collection.

Bridal Chandelier Earrings


Long Face

Characteristics – The thing you notice the most is the length, more so than how full your face is or the width of your cheeks or forehead.

Volume is what you want, big earrings can be fabulous on you, and also pearls and short dangles draw the eye across your face.

 earrings for round face short neck

Oval Face

Characteristics – Your face is like an egg shape (in the most excellent possible way), your forehead blends with your high cheekbones and narrows toward your chin.

Oval shaped faces are the lucky ones because all sizes and shape earrings are perfect for you. Check out all JazzyAndGlitzy studs. 

earrings for face shape

We only shared a tiny snippet of the JazzyAndGlitzy range on this post, so welcome to see the full collection.

I hope this article will help you with the right earrings to sparkle alongside you.

Please leave your comment on what type of earrings you like and what is your face shape.




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