Dainty Fine Jewelry for Everyday or Brides to Wear

Dainty Fine Jewelry for Everyday or Brides to Wear

We launched a fine jewelry line with hand crafted pieces of the highest quality and excited to add new items almost daily.

Costume jewelry market loves usually big, sparkly pieces with all high quality Cubic Zirconia and crystals but we also need to stay fashionable in our daily life to feel always glamorous.

Remember when everyone used to wear the trendy and stylish huge, chunky, statement necklaces just a couple of years ago? Well, the fashion tides have changed again — isn't it wild how quickly this happens? — and jewelry fads are no different. You won’t find those statement pieces hanging from wall to wall in stores anymore, because the biggest jewelry trend for 2021 is much thinner, daintier, and more delicate jewelry that complements more minimalist outfits. And surely they will be fashion-forward in 2022 as well. You will find that delicate jewelry easier to match with the outfit you're wearing, and you can just leave on the daintier jewelry all week and still avoid an outfit clash. With statement pieces, they are literally the statement, and you have to build an outfit around them. Delicate jewels are so subtle that you can wear any outfit and then choose a piece that fits the outfit well. 

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Dainty Fine Jewelry


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