Best Friends to Husband and Wife

Best Friends to Husband and Wife

How did you and your husband meet?

We met on January of 2011 at Red Robin in Towson when we both showed up for orientation as servers. We were best friends till 2014 when we started dating

How did he pop the question? Were you surprised?

I was very surprised when he popped the question in May of 2018 in San Marco Square of Venice, Italy. We were taking pictures and I thought he was picking something off the ground he dropped. My mom was taking pictures of us. When I looked down he was looking up at me with the ring out and said “Will you marry me?” Just as simple as that. 

Where did you tie the knot?

We got married in July of 2018 at Towson Courthouse. 

Did you have a specific theme in mind for your wedding?
Wedding dress designer & style?

Our theme was saving money and having the best day of our life. All we wanted was to get married and share our day with our family and closest friends. 

My dress was found on amazon by JAEDEN and it was a more vintage style in white. Pretty lace on top and buttons down the back with a train. 
We had a great day. We got married at the courthouse. Shoved as many people in the courtroom as possible. Then we went to Towson University for photos. And the rooftop deck of green turtle for dinner and drinks. We followed the night with a bar crawl in Towson that we invited everyone to. We had a great turn out! Didn’t have to spend money on a reception or anything. It was probably the best decision we could have made. We had so much support from everyone. That made our day the most memorable. We have amazing friends and family. We didn’t have to spend $30,000 on a wedding. 

Even though we didn’t have a big wedding I still wanted to be “bridal”. So my mom bought me a spa day with a massage, my hair and make up done. And my MOH made appointments for us to get our nails done. The jewelry that I bought from SukranJewelry went perfect with my dress. It was very detailed and elegant. It was the icing to the cake for my bridal outfit. Made me feel like a princess!

Did you go on honeymoon? If so where to?

We did a “mini moon” in Baltimore at the Sagamore Pendry. Which was amazing. Highly recommended! And we are also going to Riviera Maya, Mexico in September. We booked a place through out travel agent at the Azul: the fives. There’s no extra charge for a travel agent (the hotels pay commission) and travel agents tend to get the best value for travel. They handle everything which we are into 100%. Our travel agent has actually been to this resort and she showed us pictures and told us about the food and everything. So excited for that vacation!

Any advice for future brides?

My advice would be DO NOT stress about your wedding. It is supposed to be enjoyable and stress free! If you find yourself getting stressed out about it or have other people giving their opinions, just remember it’s your day and you do what you and your future husband want it to do. Not what everyone else wants it to be or thinks it should be! Just remember this is the start of your lives together. That’s the most important thing! Celebrate your love and commitment to each other.

Stephanie & Ryan Edwards

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